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Socks-in-a-Box (4 pairs) Socks-in-a-Box (4 pairs) Socks-in-a-Box (4 pairs) Socks-in-a-Box (4 pairs) Socks-in-a-Box (4 pairs)
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Surprise yourself with awesome's!

Socks-in-a-Box (4 pairs)

Socks-in-a-Box (4 pairs)





  • Surprise bundle with unique colorful and funky socks, worldwide recognized brands included.
  • Comfort and durability first, premium quality with long life expectancy guaranteed.
  • Combed Cotton: min. 80%. Superior treatment removing it completely from fibers and impurities.
  • Independant Sock Expertise, fast responsive customer service: committed to our members 24/7.
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This is for those who need a quick sock drawer update or a colourful gift idea. Containing 4 pairs of premium socks, the box is delivered ONCE and shipping is on the house.

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Surprise yourself with awesome's!

Get access to a wide range of funky creations including guest brand collaborations. Each month you'll receive a outstanding selection of colourful and funky socks.

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