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Our Story

We’re two friends from Belgium and Luxembourg. We met years ago when we were both studying and most of the time... partying. Needless to say, both those places follow a strict social dress code most of the time. Obviously, we are not alone, people party, people get raw and get down when the time is right but even when the party turned up passed 10am, we still wanted more of what we saw. Something felt incomplete...

There were so many ways people trying to punch up daily style. Suit recommendation this, pants and shoes that, even a service that recommended a new hat for every day of the week. We kept wiggling our toes and shuffling our feet... What about the socks?

Then we stared at each other—and it was official. The most adventurous, sock enthusiast model of getting those flashy and fun, colourful foot onesies out there solved itself. If people could ship trunks and boxes of suit jackets, shoes, hats and pantalones, we could certainly send the most funky socks of people’s dreams right to their doorstep on a monthly basis. 

We are opening up out our shop and put all our hearts out there. Yes, we wear most of our pieces ourselves.  Instead of trying to sell into 'real' shops, we're online - and loving it. Instead of selling to a few people at the markets, every single day we build a community of the most amazing subscribers you could hope for who are passionate about socks. Lo and behold, for colours and shapes lovers, the fashionably daring, and those just looking for something unique will definitely love our goods.

The rest is history. Colourful history.

  Monthly Funky Socks - Sock Club
David, Company Manager, in Luxembourg City