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    Ever lost a sock?

    Obvisouly you have. Lose a sock, and we'll replace it for free! Our socks can be insured against loss, human or pet based destruction and other catastrophes.

    How to claim

    Simply use our contact form and select "Sock Insurance" to make a claim. To help us track down order details, please include your name, shipping address. We'll send back the new pair for free. That's it!

    How it works

    1. Select the sock insurance option (+1€/ +1$/ +1£)

    2. Send us your damaged pair (if applicable)

    2. We send back the new pair for free

    3. Your feet stay awesome 


    Valid only for items with selected insurance.
    Up to three pairs yearly are covered.
    Prior to sending the pair to be replaced, please write us an email.