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Funny Socks, Funky Socks, Happy Socks, Crazy Socks or whatever the heck you wanna call 'em...

A Monthly Funky Socks subscription features a huge selection of unique, awe-inspiring, and colourful socks. Our quality requirement specifications include a reinforced toe and heel in order to avoid early sock breaking. The socks are made of minimum 80% high quality combed cotton to ensure a comfortable fit, moisture wicking and breathability.

By getting a Monthly Funky Socks subscription, you don't limit yourself to only one brand. You are getting instant access to the widest range of colourful designs the world has to offer. We definitely love our socks, our awesome subscribers as well, and we know you will love them too ! If you don’t, send them back and we’ll send you a fresh pair. We promise :)

Our quality requirements

1. Double layered cuff band

Ensures that your socks stay in place and are comfortable to wear without pressure on your shin and calf. Trust us it matters.

2. Min. 80% combed cotton

The socks are made of minimum 80% combed cotton to ensure the best combination of quality and comfort. This is one of the highest cotton content in the sock industry.

3. Creative patterns and colours

Several time a year we are upgrading our selection and brand roster in order to ensure the highest standard of creativity for your feet.

4. Re-inforced toe and heel

Ensures durability and strength where you need it the most.

5. Selection including worldwide recognized brands

Collaborations are important for us. In addition to our own series, we want to work with leading-edge brands and feature the finest sock designers.

Originality is what keeps us funky

Unlike other stores, we want you to update your sock drawer constantly, all you have to do is to subscribe to MFS so we can keep on surprising you monthly. Step into the future of online shopping where you click once, but you keep on receiving. MFS is all about taking care of your feet, keeping them warm, awesome and spreading happiness.

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Want to see some designs picked in our selection ? Check out our Instagram gallery. Be careful not to ruin the surprise effect !