Confessions of a sockaholic or what's to love about a sock subscription service

Posted by Francis M. on

You can order anything and everything you want over the internet. That's the exciting thing about this virtual marketplace. You could be living in Timbuktu or Liechtenstein, you would be able to get anything you want. So it's no wonder the world's most popular accessory would also be available online, I'm talking about the sock. No one ever speaks about the sock which is a travesty for a sock fanatic like myself. I used to think my love of colorful socks was weird. You see, I'm that guy who goes sock hunting. I have all kinds, bright colored, rainbow striped, leopard print, neon green socks with flying saucers, comic book character socks, socks with pink cupcakes on them or pizza slices or smiley emojis - more colorful designs than I can list. I collect them, I wear them with virtually all my clothes. Yes, I am that guy who will put on a pair of formal trousers with neon yellow socks with minion characters all over them. I'm still not sure I have enough. I recently discovered that I'm not the only weird guy with a sock fetish out there I also discovered a cool way to satisfy my addiction for wacky socks. A monthly sock subscription club.

What's the big deal about wacky socks anyway? Personally, I choose the socks that I wear to suit my mood and on a subconscious level I suppose I do it because I like feeling different. I enjoy that secret knowledge that just underneath the hem of my trousers is something unique that makes me stand out. It's like having a Clark Kent-ish secret. I can go through the day feeling like Superman.

Sock hunting can be a bit tiresome. As much as there are people out there who geek out over socks, finding a pair that speaks to you can be hard. After a while you end up buying socks with the same patterns, but different colors because retailers just aren't interested in finding creative sock designers to carry in their stores. Enter monthlyfunkysocks, a funky socks online club that offers to deliver a new pair of crazy socks every month. You've probably heard of subscription services for books, wine and beauty products and you are wondering why anyone would start a subscription service for socks. It's a radical concept, but it speaks volumes about the accessory. It means the world is starting to take socks seriously.

A study conducted by researchers from Harvard University and published in the Journal of Consumer Research investigated how funky socks can show off your creativity and nonconformist nature. This has the potential of elevating your status in certain circles. People might see you as creative, brilliant and competent. Now, that works for me.

Colorful socks are a great way to elevate your wardrobe. They can help you make a statement as subtly or as loudly as you want to. You can hide them under your pants or wear them with shorts. Whatever floats your boat. They don't have to be out there or ridiculously loud like a bugs bunny tie. They allow you to accentuate an outfit, whether its casual or formal. Personally, it's the little details that I find endearing. But what are the benefits of joining a monthly sock subscription club?

#1. Crazy socks inject a touch of spice. They add personality to even the drabbest of wardrobes.

#2. You can dress them up or dress them down, depending on your style and mood.

#3. Joining a monthly sock subscription means that I can upgrade my wardrobe every month. No more unsuccessful sock hunting trips for me.

#4. You don't have to love every design you get. You can actually swap one design for another.

#5. Monthlyfunkysocks offers, and this puts a big smile on my face, a exclusive sock insurance. This is great for replacing those errant socks that get lost during laundry day. You can replace that one sock that has mysteriously disappeared.

#6. Monthlyfunkysocks is big on quality. You can expect double layered cuff bands, reinforced toes and heels and socks made of minimum 80 percent natural combed cotton for breathability.

#7. Looking for a special father's day gift? Or a Christmas gift? Be original with this creative gift idea your loved ones won't ever forget. With a pair of happy socks delivered monthly and a handwritten gift message Monthlyfunkysocks will make sure you get your message across.

A funky socks online club speaks to something larger, about how the internet has made it easy for everyone to have access to things that make them stand out. It's more than just a cute business idea, but a necessary one. It's business model that works for sock fanatics like me. It makes looking for the perfect pair of funky socks easy. The colors, the design, the quality and the whole experience of being part of this club have changed my life. Now it's time to make more space for my growing collection... I can't wait for next month's delivery.

Anonymous Sockaholic =)